Top 5 football players of all time

Football is loved by many, and there is some incredible professional player, so it is hard to pick the top but taking into account, some factors such as the statistics, talent and the total impact on the sport so here are the picks of the top 5 foot players of all time.

  1. Pele- Pele is undoubtedly regarded as the greatest player in the entire history of football. Pele from Brazil emerged internationally just at the age of 17 in the World Cup of 1958 and won. He continued being the winner of World Cup in the year 1962 and 1970. His played as forwarding/midfielder and was an outstanding striker and a dribbler. Pele was voted as ‘player of the century’ by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics.
  2. Lionel Messi- He is an amazingly skilled player from Argentina who joined Barcelona when he was only 13 years old. He is the youngest player to score a total of 200 career goals. Messi is solid with his dribbling, passing and goal scores. For his talent, he is also known as the ‘Mozart of Soccer’ or the 21st-century magician, and he has a long record of record breaking list. He is one the greatest players who are still playing and his remaining playing journey might lead him to be the number 1.
  3. Diego Maradona- Diego Maradona from Argentina is regarded as one of the greatest football players. He played as a forward/ midfielder and is one of the greatest dribblers with skills unimaginable. No one could touch him when he was at the peak of his game, and as many as four players used to mark him. Maradona with his agility, quick reflexes and precision guided Napoli to two Serie A Titles and also a UEFA Cup. His ‘Hands of God’ goal is probably one of the biggest scandals in the history of sports.
  4. Zinedine Zidane- Zidane from France is also described as one of the best players in the history of the game. He played as a midfielder and scored one of the greatest goals in the history of UEFA Champions League. He is known for his excellent ball control, vision and agility and is also describes as the ‘God of Football’ by the UEFA President- Michel Platini. Zidane won one Ballon D’ Or trophy and three times holder of the title of being the World Player of the year.
  5. Johan Cruyff- Cruyff is another skilful player from Netherlands who played as forward and midfielder. He is a fearless player who first performed his famous Cruyff Turn in the World Cup final in 1974. He was also known for his ‘total football’ game play. Cruyff went on to win 8 Dutch Eredivisie titles and 3 European Cups while with Ajax. He is considered as the all time best player in Europe by many experts. Cruyff was also included in the World Team of the 20th Century in 1998 and the FIFA World Cup Dream Team,2002.

How to make a career in football?

Do you love football? Do you dream about football? It is possible to dream and not impossible to achieve it. There are ways to integrate your dreams, passion and your career. There are many football lovers who are living their dream, and it can be possible for you too. Below is some of the list of the career paths relating to football that you can choose from.

  1. Professional Player- Everyone knows what a professional player does. It is most popular and glamorous career path regarding sports. Besides being a player, there are other options available.
  2. Sports Agent- a Sports Agent works side by side with some athletes while helping them in making their decisions regarding their profession, negotiate the player’s contract and also find endorsement to promote your player.
  3. General Manager- A General Manager’s work is to work with the scouts and other executives to formulate a plan listing out players and evaluating their talents.
  4. A Trainer- the role of an athletic trainer is to help prevent sports injuries and treat the injuries if there are any. From taping ankles to conducting physical therapy.
  5. Psychologist- A Sports psychologist’s duty is to ensure that the players give their best performance through mediums like self-perception and motivation while instilling a mental toughness in the players so that it gives them an advantage in the game.
  6. Sports Attorney- the Sports attorney works by providing legal advice either for contacts, the negotiations, settlement of disputes and various other sports related issues that require legal advice.
  7. Nutritionist- The duty of a Sports Nutritionist is to create a nutritious, healthy diet for the players so that their body gets what it needs to be able to practice and give a good performance in the field.
  8. Writer- A Sport’s writer writes about the athletes and the games played or to be played for some sources like the newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.
  9. Stadium manager- It is the duty of the Stadium manager to supervise and ensure that the stadium and the facilities are secured and functioning for the players as well as the fans who come to watch the sport.
  10. A Statistician- the official sports Statistician provides game time information to the broadcasters and the sport’s writers. It is the responsibility of the Statistician to collect and validate data.
  11. Broadcasting- Broadcasting has many branches under it. There are those play-by-play and the colour commentators, the on-air positions, sports centre anchors.

These are some of the opportunities available for you if you want to start up a career in football. There are also multiple courses that are available for you to take and learn deeper in this field.  You can attain your bachelor’s degree, master degree or doctoral degree courses or even Post graduate diploma courses that are offered at various universities. This career path may be challenging, and it may take the time to reach the top but where there is passion there is a way, and you can strive for towards your possible dream.

How can football benefit you?

Football is an active game that is loved by many, and it is the one game that is played by millions of people all over. Whether for professional purpose or recreational purposes, it comes with ample benefits. The benefits don’t only include the fact that it aids you in staying physically fit. Other beneficial factors of football include:

  1. It can help you boost your cardiovascular health. By playing soccer regularly, the walking, jogging and running, it can keep the individual’s heart rate up which is a good cardiovascular exercise. This work out stabilises the heart, strengthens it, burns extra calories, reduces blood pressure and enhances a better blood circulation all over the body.
  2. It is a workout to bring down the body fat while toning and strengthening the muscles and the bones. Football demands a lot of running this helps in burning those extra calories as the games work out the heart and most of the muscles in your body, so this helps in losing body fat without having to go for the rigorous diet plans. Football also aids in toning the muscles and the bones as running leads to building up a mechanical load in the bones which further stimulates the process of deposition and aids in the prevention of damages to the bones. The active sport helps build up strength in your body and increase your flexibility, stamina and endurance, both physically and mentally.
  3. Football can teach coordination- to think as you play. It enhances your concentration capacity while contributing to the coordination between the body and the mind. The game requires coordination with your strategy and the movement, from walking, running, sprinting to dribbling, turning and passing at speed and in a certain direction. The hand and eye coordination are also improved as you have to pass to the players on the fields or get the ball from fellow team mates. Good coordination is one of the keys to winning the game.
  4. Football lets one work on their attention span and concentration capacity. The game can change anytime, so it demands the players to think quickly on the field as they play. The mind is in active mode as players are on the constant look out for advantages and grabbing the opportunities that they can get.
  5. It also aids in building up team work as well. Working in a team is not easy, but football can teach the ability to work in a team to achieve the common goal. The lessons on the field can be relevant to the personal lives as well, and it can influence the various aspects of one’s life.
  6. Football acts as a stress reliever. Playing the sport lets your brain release endorphins which are helpful for soothing the mechanisms of the nervous system and it benefits the mental health by providing relief from stress and anxiety.
  7. The sport requires only a few types of equipment, so it allows the game to be played anywhere with the group.

Best football tricks to learn in 2017

Football is a thrilling game which involves teams of players to kick the ball towards the goal. Simply kicking is not enough to win the game as there will be the opponent’s team to block you and take the ball away from you, so there are tons of tricks and awesome footwork that players use to get to past the defender and towards the goal. Among the number of tricks, the best football tricks and the ones you need to practice learning are-

  1. Akka- This trick became famous because of Ronaldinho and is considered as his signature move. Ronaldinho can make this trick look smooth and easy but this soccer trick should not be underestimated as it a tough trick and should be used in the field during matches only when one is ready. Also, it can take a lot of practice to master it.
  2. Around the world- This trick was used by the legendary Diego Maradona. This trick requires the skill to juggle the ball up with one foot and with the same foot move over, around, back and underneath the ball before you continue juggling it. Perfect timing is also required to complete this trick.
  3. Cruyff turn- The Cruyff was made famous by the great Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff, and it became his iconic move. This is a tough trick to perform without falling off or losing your balance. It requires the player to come off as though they are about to pass the ball but instead drag the ball behind your other standing leg and then turning your shoulders and running. It is a great attacking move in the game.
  4. Puskas move- The Puskas pull back move is a move created by the best Hungarian player in the history of football- Ferenc Puskas. This move allows you to change your direction fast and it can fool the defender. It is one of the basic moves in soccer, but it is not an easy trick to perform in a game if you not master it.
  5. Scissor Kick- The brilliant Pele was the most famous player to have used this trick and made it famous. It is a tough trick to learn considering the fact that you will be on the field running and pulling this off. The Scissors kick trick is when you kick the ball at a waist of chest height by jumping up in the fair and legs apart like scissors in a scissor motion.

There are also other football tricks that are wonderful and clearly not easy but amazing. Some of them are-  Marseille turn, Blanco move, the Snake/Elastico, Riquelme Move, Robinho Pullback, the Okacha turn, the Step over, the Panenka, the Ronaldo Chop, the Rabona, the Biava, Seal Dribble, La Cuauhteminha, the Flip-Flap, the Fake kick, the Mule kick, the Back Heel, the Aurelio, the Trivela, Front-Flip Throw-In, The Ball Stand, the Dive. You can surely try learning these tricks as well. It is tough but not impossible to learn.