How to make a career in football?

Do you love football? Do you dream about football? It is possible to dream and not impossible to achieve it. There are ways to integrate your dreams, passion and your career. There are many football lovers who are living their dream, and it can be possible for you too. Below is some of the list of the career paths relating to football that you can choose from.

  1. Professional Player- Everyone knows what a professional player does. It is most popular and glamorous career path regarding sports. Besides being a player, there are other options available.
  2. Sports Agent- a Sports Agent works side by side with some athletes while helping them in making their decisions regarding their profession, negotiate the player’s contract and also find endorsement to promote your player.
  3. General Manager- A General Manager’s work is to work with the scouts and other executives to formulate a plan listing out players and evaluating their talents.
  4. A Trainer- the role of an athletic trainer is to help prevent sports injuries and treat the injuries if there are any. From taping ankles to conducting physical therapy.
  5. Psychologist- A Sports psychologist’s duty is to ensure that the players give their best performance through mediums like self-perception and motivation while instilling a mental toughness in the players so that it gives them an advantage in the game.
  6. Sports Attorney- the Sports attorney works by providing legal advice either for contacts, the negotiations, settlement of disputes and various other sports related issues that require legal advice.
  7. Nutritionist- The duty of a Sports Nutritionist is to create a nutritious, healthy diet for the players so that their body gets what it needs to be able to practice and give a good performance in the field.
  8. Writer- A Sport’s writer writes about the athletes and the games played or to be played for some sources like the newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.
  9. Stadium manager- It is the duty of the Stadium manager to supervise and ensure that the stadium and the facilities are secured and functioning for the players as well as the fans who come to watch the sport.
  10. A Statistician- the official sports Statistician provides game time information to the broadcasters and the sport’s writers. It is the responsibility of the Statistician to collect and validate data.
  11. Broadcasting- Broadcasting has many branches under it. There are those play-by-play and the colour commentators, the on-air positions, sports centre anchors.

These are some of the opportunities available for you if you want to start up a career in football. There are also multiple courses that are available for you to take and learn deeper in this field.  You can attain your bachelor’s degree, master degree or doctoral degree courses or even Post graduate diploma courses that are offered at various universities. This career path may be challenging, and it may take the time to reach the top but where there is passion there is a way, and you can strive for towards your possible dream.

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